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Orange-yellow Calendula officinalis flower
calendula officinalis
Calendula officinalis Calendula (officinalis)

Native to the Mediterranean region it is an annual or sometimes biennial plant, The history of its cultivation can be traced back to at least the 5th Century in France, while its description goes as far back as the 3rd Century BC, making it one of the oldest cultivated flowers known. The flowers of this plant are edible with a somewhat spicy and slightly bitter taste. They have traditionally been used to add flavor to soups and stews, and even to impart a golden color to butter and cheese. Its petals also serve as an inexpensive alternative to saffron in the spice trade. It's been used for stomach ailments and muscle spasms. Moreover, the flowers provide a beautiful yellow dye. In horticulture, it is cherished for its bright yellow to orange flowers  Photographed in Bogotá, Colombia.

Orange double Calendula officinalis flower
Orange flower with a yellow disk
Two yellow-orange calendula officinalis flowers with green buds
Yellow double Calendula officinalis flowers

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