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A beautiful purple-pink Brunfelsia grandiflora flower with raindrops
brunfelsia grandiflora
Brunfelsia grandiflora

Originating from the vibrant tropical realms of South America. The Royal Purple Brunfelsia is a large shrub. This plant is believed to bolster emotional healing, enhancing self-esteem, mental clarity, and a deeper connection to all living entities. In the ornamental realm, the plant is a prized possession in gardens in warmer regions like Southwest Florida. The flowers of this plant put on a captivating show, transitioning from purple to lavender, and eventually to white.  Photographed in the central Andes mountain range of Colombia (Cordillera Central) and in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

Brunfelsia grandiflora puple flower with a white center
One purple and one white Brunfelsias grandiflora Flower
Purple and white Brunfelsia grandiflora flowers in sunlight with a blue sky background
A small cluster of Brunfelsia grandiflora of purple and white flowers
A blooming Brunfelsia grandiflora shrub

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