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Two pink Cyclamen persicum flowers
Cyclamen persicum
Cyclamen persicum

The Persian cyclamen originates from the Middle East and parts of Europe. Typically found in rocky hillsides, scrublands, and woodlands. The plant forms a tuberous base and produces an array of delicate, upswept flowers. An ornamental plant, cherished for its vibrant blooms and heart-shaped leaves. The plant has also found its place in the indoor plant market, particularly as a potted plant during the winter months. With a plethora of cultivars available, gardeners have a vast selection to choose from, each with its unique flower color and pattern. Photographed in Quindio, Colombia.

Light pink Cyclamen persicum flower
Dark pink Cyclamen persicum flower with yellow anthers
Cyclamen persicum pink flower
Cyclamen persicum pink flowers
Cyclamen persicum red flower
Cyclamen persicum red flowers

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