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A Byrsonima crassifolia tree branch with yellow flower with white stamens in sunlight
byrsonima crassifolia
Byrsonima crassifolia (Nance)
A fruit tree heralding from tropical America, capable of enduring a range of climatic conditions from humid to drought-like settings. The plant bears small, sweet (if fully ribe), yellow fruits known for their strong unpleasant scent and distinct, incomparable taste that is not desired by all. The fruit is also recognized for its significant content of polyphenols and carotenoids, substances that play a part in regulating vital metabolic pathways. These nutritional components hint at a deeper value possibly extending into the realm of health benefits. The fruit is used in culinary applications such as drinks and desserts. In Peru, there is a Nance ice cream flavor. In Panama, the street markets will sell this fruit in a bottle of water so that it ferments and can be made into juice. Photographed in the department of Cesar, Colombia.
A Byrsonima crassifolia tree branch with yellow flower and green fruit

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