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A scartlet and prawn-pink colored Eucocimus ruber standing on a branch over a pond
eudocimus ruber
Eudocimus ruber (Scarlet Ibis)

The Scarlet Ibis, is a bird species notable for its vivid red coloration and long, curved bill. The species primarily inhabits vast areas of South America and the Caribbean islands. It is one of the two national birds of Trinidad and Tobago. This medium-sized wader, typically ranging from 22 to 25 inches in length, is characterized by its all-scarlet plumage, save for the tips of their wings which are a rich inky black or dark blue. The birds have long, narrow, decurved bills, which are sometimes blackish, especially towards the end. Their legs and neck are also long and extended in flight​​. They favor wetlands and other marshy habitats, including mud flats, shoreline, and rainforests. The species shows a strong preference for the Llanos region of western Venezuela and eastern Colombia, a remote and fertile tropical grassland plain. Juvenile Scarlet Ibises are not born with their characteristic red coloration; they start as a mix of grey, brown, and white. The scarlet coloration develops as they grow, largely due to their heavy diet of red crustaceans. This color change begins with the juvenile's second moult and takes about two years to complete​​. The Scarlet Ibis is currently classified as of "Least Concern" by the IUCN Red List.

A White Eucocimus ruber with a pink-red cere on a tree above the water
A Eucocimus ruber wadeing in the water
Scartlet and prawn-pink colored Eucocimus ruber on a branch over the water

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