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Branches of Ipomoea carnea with clusters of pink flowers
ipomoea carnea
Ipomoea carnea

Originates from the region stretching from Mexico to South Tropical America, thriving primarily in seasonally dry tropical biomes. It's a scrambling shrub showcases a notable adaptability, thriving in a variety of climates including tropics, Mediterranean, desert, and subtropics. It's often cultivated as an ornamental plant, valued for its pink or white flowers which are frequently in bloom. It is also invasive in regions like the Nile Delta of Egypt and in disturbed areas where there can be large populations of this plant. Photographed in Cartago, Colombia.

Pink Ipomoea carnea flower with a dark pink center in sunlight
White Ipomoea carnea flowers
Pink Ipomoea carnea flower with a dark pink center
Pink Ipomoea carnea flowers

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