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Red and orange Bactris gasipaes fruit on top of a decaying fallen tree
bactris gasipaes
Bactris gasipaes (Peach Palm)

Originating from the tropical forests of Central and South America. Peach Palm grows erect, often displaying several slender stems that are typically armed with stiff, black spines arranged in circular rows from the base to the summit. It primarily thrives in regions where it is often cultivated by smallholders in agroforestry systems. The Peach Palm's fruits, known as palm chestnuts, are stewed and flavored with salt or honey, offer a somewhat dry and mealy flesh that can be easily separated from the seed post boiling. The fruits are also fermented into beverages. The seed oil is traditionally used as a topical remedy for alleviating rheumatic pains. The Peach Palm's fruits have been highlighted for their physicochemical, nutritional, and bioactive characteristics. They offer both functional and antioxidant potential, proving to be a valuable source of nutrients. The stems are employed in the construction of furniture, panels, and handicraft items. It is called chontaduro in Colombia. It is relatively expensive in Colombia when purchased ready to eat in stores. Close to where it is cultivated it is often sold on city streets by vendors

Sliced orange Bactris gasipaes fruit pulp in a red bowl

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