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Two women walking along the beach at Playa Blanca
Playa Blanca Colombia
Playa Blanca (White Beach), Colombia

Is located on the island of Baru which was once a peninsula prior to the making of a man-made channel separating it from the mainland. Most visitors arrive to Playa Blanca by boat from Cartagena. You can take a large ferry boat which can hold hundreds of passengers or you can take a smaller and faster boat which will save you a couple of hours round trip. If you go by land, you would have to cross the channel by ferry. The island of Baru is being developed for tourism, yet money has not been allocated to build what would be a very small bridge. Playa Blanca does not have running water or electricity unless it comes from a gas generator. Some say that Playa Blanca is Colombia’s most beautiful beach. However, the Colombian government has damaged that argument and the natural beauty of the area by allowing hostels and restaurants to build right on the beach leaving little space between the palm shacks and the waters edge.

Playa Blanca turquoise water and white sand
Playa Blanca facing north
Playa Blanca late afternoon
Playa Blanca with lone palm leaning towards ocean
Playa Blanca with drift wood and palm tree stumps on the beach
Playa Blanca and lone palm
Playa Blanca and vendor tents along the beach
Father holding his two year old daughter on the seashore of Playa Blanca with blue water and boats in the background
Green moss covered rocks on the shore of Playa Blanca beach with the blue water in the background
Panoramic view of Playa Blanca from the rocks

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