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Bronze-green Scrub Tanager having some banana
Stilpnia vitriolina
Stilpnia vitriolina (Scrub Tanager)

The Scrub Tanager primarily inhabits regions in Colombia and Ecuador and thrives in natural habitats that include subtropical or tropical moist montane forests, subtropical or tropical high-altitude shrubland, and areas that are heavily degraded former forests. The Scrub Tanager is currently classified under the 'Least Concern (LC)' category.
This Andean species is fairly common in dry open habitats within its distribution range. It is characterized by its pale gray-blue body, brighter turquoise wings, a black mask, and an orange cap. Both male and female Scrub Tanagers share a similar appearance. These birds are typically observed in pairs or small flocks, moving through shrubby woodlands, second growth, and gardens. Photographed in Santander, Colombia.

Scrub Tanager with another bird eating banana

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