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Acalypha hispida bush in sunlight with crimson red inflorescence
acalypha hispida
Acalypha hispida (Chenille Plant)

This large shrub, which originates from tropical Asia, enjoys widespread popularity in the tropics. It is frequently recognized by its pendent, red-colored, furry flowers that resemble brushes and bloom year-round in the tropics. A white flower variety also exists. The plant is dioecious, meaning there are distinct male and female members of the species. The female plant bears flowers that grow in clusters along catkins. Capable of growing up to 12 feet, this shrub can be used as a hedge. However, the Chenille Plant has a dual nature. Its clear latex is poisonous and can cause skin irritation upon contact. At the same time, different parts of the plant, such as its roots, leaves, and flowers, have been used for medicinal purposes. Photographed in Barranquilla and Armenia, Colombia, where it is cultivated at elevations below 5,500 feet."

Acalypha hispida crimson red flowers

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