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Ornamental green leaves and an inflorescence with white flowers
callisia fragrans
Callisia fragrans

Originating from Mexico and used as an ornamental in many tropical locations.  The white flowers are fragrant. A notable cultivar of this species is Callisia fragrans Melnikoff, a variegated variety with leaves edged in a lighter green that may develop striping under certain conditions. Medicinally known to house active substances such as beta-sitosterol, it's employed in traditional medicine to lower cholesterol levels, strengthen and cleanse blood vessel walls, and to treat a variety of conditions including atherosclerosis, metabolic diseases, endocrine system issues, inflammations of the prostate, skin diseases, burns, and joint disorders. Its leaves, rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Copper, Iron, Nickel, and containing biologically active flavonoids, glycol, and phospholipids, are often utilized for these treatments​​. Photographed in the department of Quindio, Colombia.

Callisia fragrans flowering stem with white flowers clustered on its tips
Callisia fragrans spike with white flowers
Ornamental green leaves with flower spike

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