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Pionus chalcopterus black and orange bird
pionus chalcopterus
Pionus chalcopterus (Bronze-winged Parrot)

The Bronze-winged Parrot is a medium-sized parrot, measuring about 11 inches in length. Its striking appearance is characterized by a primarily dark plumage, accented with a whitish chin patch and an upper chest speckled with pink feathers. The bird’s rump, tail, and wings are dark blue, with lighter blue underwings, while its head is dark blue-green. The mantle, back, and underparts display dark bronze-green feathers, some with blue tips and occasional red feathers. Adults have a pink ring of bare skin around their eyes, contrasting with the pale yellow beak. Juveniles differ in appearance, having whitish eye rings and more brownish underparts​​.In the wild, the Bronze-winged Parrot is native to northwestern South America. This parrot prefers the canopy of forest and woodland areas, both humid and semi-deciduous, but can also be found in adjacent habitats with tall trees. Its altitudinal range varies across its distribution: in Venezuela, it's typically found at altitudes of 900–1400 meters, in Colombia at 1400–2400 meters (occasionally up to 2800 meters), in Ecuador mainly below 1400 meters, and in Peru below 800 meters. The species exhibits nomadic behavior in some parts of its range, likely in response to food availability, but these movements are not well understood​​​​. Concerning their social behavior, Bronze-winged Parrots are often seen in pairs or small groups of up to ten birds. They nest in tree cavities, laying clutches of three to four white eggs. The female incubates these eggs for about 26 days, and the chicks leave the nest approximately 70 days after hatching​​. Despite its decreasing population trend, the Bronze-winged Parrot is currently classified as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List.
In captivity, Bronze-winged Parrots are becoming increasingly popular as pets. These parrots are known for their intelligence, inquisitiveness, and engaging personalities. They are typically quieter than other parrot species but can be loud at times, especially during dawn and evening. While they enjoy human interaction and thrive on attention, they are not as cuddly as some other parrot species like Cockatoos or Conures. Pet Pionus parrots tend to bond strongly with one person but are often tolerant of other household members​​.

Pionus chalcopterus mouth open
Pionus chalcopterus

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