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Beautiful purple-pink Centradenia floribunda flower with white anthers in sunlight
centradenia floribunda
Centradenia floribunda (Spanish Shawl)

Originating from Mexico. The eye-catching Spanish Shawl is a broadleaf evergreen small perennial sprawling shrub, with bright pink and magenta flowers. It forms a dense ground cover with its rich reddish-burgundy leaves. The branches on the ground will form roots. The radiant fuchsia blooms are constantly flowering and are perfect for drooping over a wall. Photographed in the department of Quindio, Colombia which is an excellent climate for this plant of over 4,000 feet with lots of rain.

A cluster of pink-purple Centradenia floribunda flowers with white anthers
A pink Centradenia floribunda flower with white, purple and yellow anthers
Magenta-pink Centradenia floribunda flower with reddish flower buds
Bright pink Centradenia floribunda flower
Purple-pink Centradenia floribunda flowers
Red stems and coppery-bronze leaves and magenta-pink flowers of a Centradenia floribunda growing in a garden

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