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Ceiba speciosa tree with maroon-pink flowers on a cloudy day
ceiba speciosa
Ceiba speciosa (Silk Floss Tree)
Native to  Brazil,  this species is renowned for its thorny, green bark and its vibrant flowers, which bloom in pink, red, or purple hues. It's especially captivating when in bloom as the large flowers unfurl before the foliage emerges. The silk floss tree finds its ornamental value not only in its flamboyant flowers but also in its peculiar bottle-shaped trunk, which tends to broaden as the tree matures. Its ornamental appeal has propelled its cultivation in various other regions. The seeds yield a vegetable silk utilized in upholstery, aligning with its common name. The tea brewed from the stem bark of the silk floss tree is traditionally used to mitigate cholesterol, triacylglycerides, and glucose levels. Research has unveiled the presence of a substantial amount of phenolic compounds in the aqueous stem bark extract of the tree, which is believed to harbor antioxidant properties, thus opening a window to its potential ethnopharmacological use. Photographed in Florida and Lima, Peru.
A maroon-pink ceiba speciosa flower with a light yellow center
A maroon-pink ceiba speciosa flower with a light yellow center
A hot pink ceiba speciosa flower with a white center

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