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A white Bougainvillea flower surrounded by pink and white bracts under sunlight
Originating from eastern South America, from Brazil to Peru and southern Argentina. Most garden Bougainvillea are some hybrid mixtures of Bougainvillea glabra, Bougainvillea spectabilis, and Bougainvillea brasiliensIt is a drought-tolerant, heat-loving ornamental plant, widely employed in warm-region gardens, patios, and public spaces, often grown on trellises, fences, pots, or walls to create colorful and lush displays. Very attractive when trained as a tree and a vigorous grower that can tolerate light frost.  Possibly one of the most popular colorful ornamental in the tropics and subtropics. Bougainvillea has unique bracts, which are modified leaves that surround its inconspicuous, trumpet-shaped white or yellow true flowers, providing the vibrant color displays that the plant is known for. These bracts come in a variety of colors including red, pink, white, purple, and orange. Medically, Bougainvillea has been acknowledged for its anti-inflammatory properties which can aid in alleviating joint pains and other inflammation-induced conditions. Additionally, the plant's flowers have been used in Mexican traditional medicine for the treatment of coughs and respiratory problems. In a more commercial aspect, the purified form of betanin from Bougainvillea may serve as a food colorant and antioxidant additive in the meat industry. Photographed in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Peru.
Beautiful purple bracts and surrounding a white bougainvillea flower
Bougainvillea with two white flowers surrounded by red purplish bracts
A white, green and yellow Bougainvillea flower with white bracts
A yellow Bougainvillea flower surrounded by purple-magenta bracts
Bright red Bougainvillea bracts with white flowers in sunlight
A cluster of bright pink bougainvillea bracts
A yellow Bougainvillea flowers surrounded by purple-magenta bracts
White bracts with pink and yellow flowers
A cluster of Bougainvillea purple bracts with yellow flowers
Two white Bougainvillea flowers and pink bracts
White Bougainvillea flowers with dark red bracts
White and yellow Bougainvillea flowers surrounded by purple bracts in sunlight
A cluster of white and pink Bougainvillea bracts
Bougainvillea shrub whith beautiful red bracts on the tip of the branch reaching towards the blue sky
Two white flowers surrounded by three white bracts
A white Bougainvillea flower with bright pink bracts
Three white Bougainvillea flowers with red purplish bracts
White bracts with yellow green flowers
Four white Bougainvillea flowers and bright red bracts
A cluster of red-pink Bougainvillea bracts
White Bougainvillea flower surrounded by white bracts
Orange bracts Bougainvillea under a blue sky
A cluster of Bougainvillea with white bracts
Two white flower and dark pink bracts
Pretty girl standing in front of a bougainvillea bush with white and pink bracts
Branches of red bougainvillea branches
White flower Bougainvillea with white bracts
White Bougainvillea flowers surrounded by bright red bracts under sunlight
A white Bougainvillea flower surrounded by rose-red bracts
A white and yellow Bougainvillea flower surrounded by purple bracts under sunlight
A white and yellow Bougainvillea flower surrounded by purple bracts
Purple Bougainvillea and five white flowers
Branches of red Bougainvillea bracts under a blue sky
White Bougainvillea flowers with pink bracts in sunlight
Clusters of pink and white Bougainvillea bracts
Variegated Bougainvillea with pink bracts and white flowers
A circle cluster of purple-pink bracts
A white Bougainvillea flower surround by three red bracts which is surrounded by variegated leaves in sunlight
Golden yellow Bougainvillea bracts
A cluster of reddish purple Bougainvillea bracts

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