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Beautiful orchid with pink tepals, ruffled purple labellum and a yellow center
arundina graminifolia
Arundina graminifolia (Bamboo Orchid)

This long blooming, terrestrial orchid species is native to Southeastern Asia and naturalizes in the tropics. The Bamboo Orchid, aptly named for its bamboo-like foliage, can grow up to three meters. It is a popular ornamental in the tropics and blooms with flowers showcasing a delicate blend of white and violet-pink hues. Each flower adorns the plant with oval-shaped, white or pink tepals and a ruffled, magenta-edged labellum with a yellow center. The flowers are edible and may have health benefits​. A vein of medicinal richness runs through the Bamboo Orchid, offering a repertoire of ethnomedicinal uses such as detoxification, anti-inflammation, and alleviation of trauma and pain associated with infections. Modern pharmacological activities mirror these traditional uses, showcasing antibacterial, anti-oxidation, and anti-lipid peroxidation properties. Photographed in Quindio, Colombia.

An Arundina graminifolia flower with white tepals and ruffled purple labellum
A group of tall flowering bamboo orchids
An Arundina graminifolia flower with white tepals and ruffled purple labellum
Spikes of Arundina graminifolia purple-pink flowers
Arundina graminifolia purple-pink flower spikes
Arundina graminifolia flower in bright sunlight
Arundina graminifolia flower in sunlight

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