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The Monumento al Esfuerzo and the Catedral María Inmaculada in the  Plaza de Bolívar of Armenia

It is one of three small cities (300,000 people) along with Manizales and Pereira in Colombia’s triangle coffee region. Armenia is in the central Andes mountain range. The north is the best part of town. Agriculture (coffee, plantains, and bananas) are the principal economic activities. Armenia is also close to many touristic sites. The elevation is around 5,000 feet and the surrounding area has beautiful scenery and is always lush. The climate is desirable with highs in the low 80s and lows in the low 60s. There is rain year-round (over 80 inches), but much of the rain falls at night. The city is in a earthquake zone, and a 1999 earthquake destroyed much of the city, which is why the church in the main plaza (Plaza de Bolívar) has a modern design. All in all one of the better places to live in Colombia.

Green mountains and farmland near Armenia on a sunny day
A coffee field with the central Andes mountains in the background under blue sky

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